Kickstart My Gloomy Heart!

Guess what we did this weekend -  WE SHOT OUR KICKSTARTER VIDEO!! That's right, Sky Ship Studios took to the cemetaries of Stoughton, WI to shoot our video for our upcoming Kickstarter campaign. We took many pictures and had a lot of fun. Make sure to check us out on Facebook where we'll be sharing some photos from throughout the day. And make sure to sign up for our newsletter for updates on the Kickstarter launch!


Unknown Armies: Third Edition Funded!

The Kickstarter for Atlas Games' Unknown Armies: Third Edition has been funded! With over 2,500 backers and over $250,000 raised, the third edition of Atlas's occult game about broken people conspiring to fix the world looks to be the biggest and boldest endeavor, yet! For more information you can check out everything right here! And congratulations to the fans for coming together for another successful Kickstarter!


Mesmerized by Media

Want to see what the Gloom: Digital Edition crew has been up to? Then make sure to check out our media section and watch our internet-shattering, Speed Gloom videos! Also, make sure to check out the Tabletop edition of Gloom, where Wil Wheaton and company play a terrifyingly tantalizing game of Gloom - Yes, shenanigans ensue!  

Lastly, keep checking back as you'll find trailers, developer interviews and game footage as we continue development. Stay Gloomy, friends!


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