Holiday Havoc!

Hey everyone!

The crew over at Sky Ship Studios wants to wish you and yours a happy holiday season filled with laughter, joy... and GLOOM! 

We've been working tirelessly the last couple of weeks but have made great progress. We continue to make good progress on the game and the overall functionality of the various menus is now complete. Now the team can start to work on the more aesthetic side of things like menu transistions and designs.

We've also started putting in the Unhappy Homes expansion data into the game! Adding the characters and different residences to the game has been a blast and we're excited for you to see Le Canard Noir in all their glory! 

That's all for now. Keep it tuned here and to our Facebook and Twitter pages for all the latest depressing, dreary and distressing Gloom news. 

With fans as great as you, who needs gifts?!

Happy Holidays!


Happy Thanksgiving!

We've been working hard the past couple of weeks on several elements of the game such as updating the UI and fleshing out the various menus within the game. We're continuing to work on character models and touching up some of the in-game backgrounds as well! We're making a ton of great progress and we're excited to show you more in the future. 

In the meantime, don't forget to stop by our Facebook page and grab yourself a special Thanksgiving, Gloom wallpaper for your backgrounds! We can't thank you enough for being such an awesome community and we're excited to get Gloom: Digital Edition in your miserable mitts! Stay Gloomy! 

The Sky Ship Studios Crew


Halloween Havoc!

Hello boys and ghouls, 

The team at Sky Ship Studios wants to wish everyone a safe and happy Halloween! If, by chance, you're dressing up as a character from Gloom head over to our Facebook and Twitter pages and share the awesome costumes! 

And keep it here for updates on the game's progress as the team continues to chip away at the environements and character models! We'll have some cool stuff to share in the future but until then - TRICK or TREAT! 


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