Halloween Havoc!

Hello boys and ghouls, 

The team at Sky Ship Studios wants to wish everyone a safe and happy Halloween! If, by chance, you're dressing up as a character from Gloom head over to our Facebook and Twitter pages and share the awesome costumes! 

And keep it here for updates on the game's progress as the team continues to chip away at the environements and character models! We'll have some cool stuff to share in the future but until then - TRICK or TREAT! 


Spooky Settings!

Hey everyone,

Take some time this spooky, Halloween season to drop by the media section and check out some of our new uploaded images and give a sneak peek to some of the environments in the game. The crew is continuing to work away on everything from coding to art and we'll have more to share with you in the future. But for now, stay miserable and remember - If you're in the big city and meet a starry-eyed girl named Angel, RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!


600 Facebook Likes!

WOW! What a macabre and motley crew! 600 Facebook followers strong. You all continue to humble us with your support. Keep following us here for updates as we continue development. And don't forget to help spread the Gloom on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with all things Gloom: Digital Edition!


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