March Madness!

Hello Gloomizens! 

It's the first day of spring and we're doing crazy amounts of work as it's all hands on deck for the Gloom: Digital Edition Crew. 

We're currently working to sharpen up the gameplay as we look at ways to improve overall gameflow, basic UI design and smoothing out the hand and deck movements. We've also continued to record and implement the character voice overs. Hearing the chracters back and forth during the course of a play session is nothing short of hilarious and amazing. We're looking forward to hearing about your reactions when seeing the charcaters of Gloom spring to life and pop off the screen for the first time!

Continue to follow us here for updates or on our Facebook and Twitter pages! We're looking forward to showing you guys some of the first views of the game once we have some of the final assets in place. We know you're going to love it! 

Until then, be safe and stay GLOOMY! 


Gloom In Space - Available Now!

Hey everybody, 

Ever get tired of playing Gloom on earth?! Us neither! But for all you stargazers out there check out the brand spankin' new - Gloom In Space! Available now!

Brought to you by Keith Baker and Atlas Games, Gloom in Space introduces new characters, new Untimely Deaths, new Event cards and new modifier cards, all with a glossy coat of space paint! Take your depressed deamanor to new heights with Gloom in Space and keep it locked here for more exciting news on Gloom: Digital Edition!



Finding Our Voice!

Hello Gloom Family! 

With the holidays behind us we've been hard at work on making 2017 the Gloomiest year of your life. We continue to toil away at various aspects of the game and are happy to report that we've started recording voiceovers for the characters! Over the holidays we held a session with eight different voice actors and the results were scarily superb. We had a ton of fun recording the voices for various Gloom characters and we can't wait for you to HEAR them come to life... and then die!

The pieces are falling into place and we continue to have a blast bringing these characters to life. Keep it locked here for more updates and remember to check us out on Facbook and Twitter to get your Gloom Digital fix!

Until next time - SPREAD THE GLOOM


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