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Want the latest updates on Gloom: Digital Edition? Then make sure to follow us on Twitter and come say hi! Alongside updates on Gloom: Digital Edition you can check out our new, internet-breaking, Speed Gloom videos. We're also looking forward to giving Gloom fans a sneak peek behind the scenes with developer interviews and in-game art!

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Boxy Kingdom Now Available On iOS!

Check out what our pals over at Human Head Studios just did! Boxy Kingdom is now live for iOS and coming soon to Android.

If you're a fan of exploration, looting and awesome, box-busting action, play Boxy Kingdom right now! This free-to-play, dungeon-crawling adventure has over 30 heroes and features over 100 quests. Play as Lord Chaos, Mindy Jones and Tom?... while looting and pillaging to your hearts content!

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Found Fame on Facebook

Hello Gloom fans!  I’m sorry to report that our forums have seen an untimely death.  More and more we found our community connecting with us on Facebook, so that’s where we’ll be focusing our efforts!  We’ve been having a lot of fun introducing you all to the members of the Sky Ship team with our playful “Speed Gloom” video series.  Check them out on our Facebook page: Not wanting to leave our active forum users in the lurch, we reached out to all of them, individually, for some one-on-one talks with members of the Sky Ship development team.  Thanks to all who participated in the talks!  We gained some great insights from some of our best fans.  


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