2018 - The Gloomiest Year of Your Life!

Hello Gloomizens, 

We hope you had an amazing couple of holidays and didn't run into too many unfortunate modifer cards like "Had a Horrible Holiday" or "Was Ruined by Rum"!

So, here we are! 2018 is the year we'll all get together and spread misery and travesty across the globe when Gloom: Digital Edition releases. We're extremely pleased with the progress made thus far and thought we'd give you a quick update or what we've been up to these last couple of weeks. At the top of that list is testing for, finding and killing BUGS! But not the six-legged kind. We mean the kind that show up in games.

One of the most common things we’ve been testing is ensuring that all the rules of the individual modifiers, events, and Untimely Death cards work properly. For some of these cards it’s as easy as making sure the right score is reported. For others, many playthroughs with different variables are required to make sure that the card effect works correctly under different conditions. It’s easy to forget all the possible card combinations at play with all the modifiers in Gloom and how certain cards affect the play of others. So, testing these effects is an absolute must. 

Make sure to check back here for more updates as we get closer to release! We're looking forward to making 2018 the Gloomiest year of your life and we can't wait to join you in spreading Gloom worldwide when Gloom: Digital Edition releases this year! 

Until next time!