The Thanksgiving Toil!

Happy Thanksgiving Gloomizens!

We hope that the your holiday is filled with fun, family and friends! Just remember that there is no way you'll ever win a game of Gloom with that much happiness in your life!

Anywho, we've had a lot of interest and excitement since we broke the news of our partnership with Asmodee and we thought we'd take this opportunity to give a little bit more clarity and insight into what this collaboration means for you - the player! 

Here's a short list of what you have to look forward to:

1) Friends List: Players will be able to create a friends list through Asmodee Digital to invite friends to matches.

2) Chat: Chat will be available in the online mtachmaking menu for players to share their Gloom with the community.

3) Immediate Bot Replacement: If a player drops from your game, they will automatically be replaced with AI so you can continue playing.

4) "More Games" Feature: Players who own other Asmodee Digital games will now see Gloom in their in-game store, helping grow our                 community of players.

5) Karma System: Gloom will use Asmodee Digital's Karma system to reward good gameplay and allow matches to set a minimum Karma            level before players can join. 

6) Cross Platform Play: The ability to play with users on any device, regardless of which device you are playing on. 

So, there you have it. A bit more insight into what you can all look forward to in Gloom: Digital Edition! 

This is always the time of year to reflect on what we all have to be thankful for and, as always, we are eternally grateful for the support that you all have shown us through this journey. 

From everyone here at Sky Ship Studios, we hope you all have an amazing holiday!