Sky Ship Studios is currently seeking to add a few members to the crew!  Applicants must send their resume and cover letter to  Please include the position being applied for in the subject line of your e-mail.

Senior Programmer

Job Description

We are seeking a Senior Programmer to join the team!  Areas of expertise are open.  Candidates may specialize in artificial intelligence, graphics programming, gameplay, or other areas of code.  Beyond exemplary programming skills, all candidates must exhibit strong interpersonal skills and a passion for video games.


The accepted candidate will be joining a team of experienced game developers on the ground floor, helping not only to develop the company’s maiden project, but the company as well.  More than just employees, we’re looking for individuals who have a strong drive to create not only great games but a great company.  Candidates must be prepared to embrace the risk inherent with new companies.  They must also possess a vision for their ideal workplace, and the drive to help bring that vision to life.


Interested individuals will be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement before learning details about the games in development.


Minimum Qualifications

Degree in computer engineering or computer science

Experience developing for a major console (Xbox, Playstation, Wii, etc.)

Experience in 3D graphics programming (OpenGL or DirectX)

Experience in game engine development

Experience in network programming

Able to work independently and under pressure producing results under tight schedules

Mature interpersonal skills

Strong personal interest in videogames


Preferred Qualifications

Experience developing for mobile and/or tablet platforms (Android or iOS)

Experience working with remote teams and contractors